About Us

Red Barn Media Group produces content for today’s media called Advanced Content®. We create editorial content and the media packages that deliver it, such as magazines, websites, e-newsletters and other forms of business-to-customer communication. Our concept of Advanced Content combines information that is compelling for your customers and prospects from sources they respect and a direct connection to your products, services or brands to deliver results.

Delivered through both traditional and new media, Advanced Content ensures companies connect with and motivate current and potential customers. As a result, sales increase and long-term brand loyalty strengthens.

We also employ research methodology that helps us gauge ROI and constantly improve our content, so we can offer even more value to our target reader and our clients.

The concept is simple (read more about it here). The execution of it is what separates Red Barn Media Group and Advanced Content from the competition.

Red Barn Media Group’s Advanced Content means your communication will be more effective, all the time. Advanced Content will directly drive your goals. And Advanced Content can help you meet unanticipated situations successfully.

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Bruce Thomas, owner and publisher
Jamie Cole, creative director
Tim Sherer, general manager
Marilyn Cummins, associate editor
Jason Jenkins, associate editor