How Brand Journalists Cover A Sensitive Topic

Don’t Despair, At Least Not Yet

As with so many things, things aren’t as simple as they seem here. For example, orchard farmers are often some of the most efficient in how they water their crop. But we’ll get to that in greater detail in later stories in FarmLife and on

Just know there is hope, which the FarmLife team found in droves on a recent visit to Israel, a country on the front lines of dealing with water shortages for the general public and farmers, alike.

But, you may be wondering, “Why would a magazine staff, especially one that produces brand content, go to such lengths to create articles and video for a readership that’s based in the U.S. and Canada?” Because that readership is interested in the topic of farming in dry conditions and, more generally, water management.

The Four Cs of Advanced Content

As you may know from reading other posts on this blog, we at Red Barn Media Group serve our sponsors by delivering content that readers—our sponsoring brands’ current and potential customers—consider compelling. The sources in these articles and videos also need to be credible, and there are few populations considered more so on the topic of farming in dry conditions than the Israelis, who have largely overcome a severe water crisis through planning and development of new technologies and farming methods.

While in Israel, we also visited with Massey Ferguson customers, who spoke of their equipment’s performance in extreme conditions. Yet, that’s only part of how we’re connecting this series of stories with Massey Ferguson and the brand’s parent company AGCO. We also do it by delivering compelling, credible stories that the readership appreciates. Quality, useful content helps further connect the readership with the sponsoring brand.

At FarmLife, we go to great lengths—geographically and otherwise—to deliver content that’s compelling, credible and connected, and we do it consistently. That’s four C’s; that’s Advanced Content.

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