The Nine Elements of Effective Brand Journalism

5) Take Your Time … And Theirs

Try approaching a stranger on the street and begin asking questions about his or her background. Chances are you won’t get far. That’s akin to diving into an interview with a source, especially when you’re acting as a representative of a brand and asking for all kinds of personal information.

As you do with those who will eventually be consuming brand content, you may face a credibility issue. Are you just someone wanting to bend the information the source provides to help sell something? Again, communicating about the purpose of the story will help alleviate some of these concerns. On the other hand, taking the time to converse with the source, not just quickly running through your list of questions, and really listening to what he or she is saying will not only help earn your source’s trust, but yield a much better interview and eventual story. Meeting the source in person at their home and/or place of business is even better.

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