Richard Banks, Editorial Director

Richard Banks

Richard Banks

With 25 years experience on the editorial and business side of publishing, Richard has worked with industry leaders, large and small. Prior to joining Red Barn, he spent 10 years with Time Inc., working in its Southern Progress Corp. (SPC) division. There he worked in a variety of positions, including editorial director of SPC Custom Publishing, as well as online editor and senior writer for Southern Living. Prior to that he was managing editor at Towery Publishing, a custom content agency, and held jobs as varied as sales assistant and eventually editor at his hometown magazine and National Magazine Award winner Memphis.

Throughout his years in custom publishing, Richard has worked with clients as diverse as a national big box home improvement retailer, a next-day delivery company, a farm equipment manufacturer, high-end real estate firms, chambers of commerce, food and grocery chains, and travel organizations. Such varied experience has allowed Richard to develop a disciplined approach to first understanding each client and their customers, then relaying each client’s marketing message in a manner that resonates with the target audience.

Among the accolades garnered by Richard and the media properties he’s overseen are awards from the City Regional Magazine Association, American Agricultural Editors’ Association, and Society of Professional Journalists, as well as a special category designation from Time Inc.’s Luce Awards. In 2012, Richard was awarded the American Agricultural Editors Association’s Story of the Year for work in FarmLife magazine.