Tim Sherer, Circulation Director

Tim Sherer

Tim Sherer


A mechanic in the U.S. Air Force prior to taking a job in publishing, Tim learned how to take and interpret orders, make do with what he had on hand and finish the job on time, all while exceeding expectations. Such skills have served him well in the publishing industry, where for the past 14 years, Tim has worked in fields as varied as information systems, circulation/consumer marketing, direct mail marketing and advertising/production.

In conjunction with a creative approach to problem solving and dogged determination, Tim’s expertise in new printing and circulation technologies—such as demographic selective binding, inkjet personalization and variable messaging—allows Red Barn to better serve its clients and reach its customers. He uses experienced gleaned on the job at the world’s largest media company, Time Inc., where he was selected to participate in the company’s Management Development Program, and to attended several National Postal Forum conventions and direct mail processing training.

Tim believes this is an exciting time for companies looking to reach their current and potential customers through custom content. “The media landscape is so crowded now, that it’s difficult for them to get their message in front of the right audience,” he says. “We not only know how to do that with effective targeting, we also know how to get that message heard by creating useful content that resonates with a given audience–an audience that we help our customers carefully select.”